BACKSTAGE 20180801 ” L’UOMO VOGUE. Look of the day. Ozzy Osbourne.”

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Who would expect that legendary? rock icon Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) has a secret passion for fashion?

Ozzy Osbourne attends a booksigning at Waterstone’s, Bluewater.

British singer, songwriter, and?actor,?Ozzy?Osbourne?was born?in 1948?in Birmingham.?Considered?the godfather?of heavy metal,?he comes?to the headlines?in 1970?with?Black Sabbath?and then?leave the group and?pursue?a?solo career.He’s?known?for?outrageous?behavior,?the vices,?arrests and?disturbing?performances?on stage?(see under:?eating?a bat??live).?Protagonist?with his wife?Sharon and?their children?of?the?sitcom?The Osbournes,?Ozzy?won,?thanks to this?series,?the Emmy?Awards?playing?himself.

Long hair,?round glasses?like John?Lennon?(he’s a big fan?of the Beatles),?Ozzy?mandatory?colour is?black,?without distinction?of style?between day?and night.?Some examples?of the?total black look??Slim?black coat,?printed?T-shirts, jeans?and?sneakers,?sunglasses?and skull?rings.

The choice of?L’Uomo Vogue Ozzy in an interview with Vogue Italy, from a list of 15 exclusive fashion brands:






CK Calvin Klein


Dirk Bikkembergs





Philipp Plein

Ralph Lauren Eyewear

Roberto Cavalli

Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t ask much, he takes what he wants:

After he got what he wanted he goes home to Mama Osbourne, how he sings in one of his most famous songs.

And here’s the bonus track of today.

Osbourne’s regular use of alcohol and other drugs led to his dismissal from the band “Black Sabbath” in 1979. He was replaced by former?Rainbow?vocalist?Ronnie James Dio.?He is credited with popularizing the “metal horns” hand gesture in metal culture and was known for his medieval-themed lyrics.

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